quick facts about me

Ashley has been photographing families of all ages for over 15 years, and has expanded her specialization to newborns, weddings and creative compositing. She has an unmistakable style that is highly celebrated amongst the photography industry. 

My goal is always to take the time to get to know my clients and their needs.  So I can channel my passion for what I do into their sessions and create those beautiful images!


photo credit: sarah Sovereign photography

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quick facts about me

My style has been described as very whimsical, with deep tonality and drama. I always think outside the box, and I like to be different. When I deliver your images, I want you to feel all the feels! To invoke that love and emotion that comes from precious moments during your life that need to be preserved.  So when you have a session with me, you can guarantee I'll be getting to know personalities and make sure everyone is comfortable so we can make some magic!

and my favourites

my style

In my studio you'll find earth tones, muted fabrics, and complimentary accessories for all ages.  I love old things, so you may see antique props and chippy wood furniture pieces with charm.  I've been known to  use a lot of floral in my set ups too! 

Textures and natural tones

my design style

So many reasons why! One of them is I'm naturally a forgetful person.  I don't have a great short term memory. Which got me thinking...how many moments have I missed? When I pick up my camera, I feel like I'm giving clients the ability to remember and look back on their most cherished memories.  Because life is a journey, and we need to celebrate every bit of it!  Being a photographer is so rewarding in this way.


why i became a

Everyone says to me they LOVE Summer. I do too! BUT....I can't handle a lot of heat. I admit it. So in the end, I always look forward to those crisp sunny mornings with all the golden leaves. Pumpkin spice. Halloween! Slippers. Cozy fires. Fluffy sweaters.  It all screams comfort to me! 

is Autumn

my favorite season

My absolutely favourite place to visit would definitely be our beautiful BC trails.  I can't pick a favourite, because they all are absolutely beautiful.  Mountains, trees and fresh air are the remedy for pretty much everything! to be with nature is healing.

place to visit

my favorite

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!